Monday, January 7, 2013

What's Wrong With Gay People.

Today I had a book release and I thought about doing a promotional post here on my blog. I also have so much to write that it would be easy to spend my time on my books, but this subject needs to be discussed.

In no way shape or form are gay people a waste.

This morning I was talking to someone about the new Liberace movie and our conversation progressed to how there were a lot of gay men in West Hollywood. Then she said something that totally floored me.

"What a waste."

I asked, "What?"

Again, she said, "What a waste."

I asked her what she thought was a waste and it came down to her thinking that gay men were so beautiful it was a waste because they were gay and wouldn't have a family, or kids and would never be with a woman. Needless to say the conversation deteriorated once I said that gay men are never a waste, that they are great guys and live wonderful lives. She back peddled on her statement, but the words were already out there.

I want to be very clear on this. Gay men and lesbian women are not a waste.

Gay individuals are productive members of society, wonderful dads, loving partners, and kind individuals. They are not defective or sick. They do not have problems nor have they made a choice to be the way they are. They are gay. They were born gay and no wishing/forcing/tempting them to change is going to make them any less gay. The only choice they make is to live as who they are or lie to themselves and everyone else by pretending to be straight. Gay men and lesbians add value to our society and are all around great people. They are just like straight people and discriminating against them is wrong.

To all the straight people out there who don't like gay people, get over it. I grew up in a very racist and homophobic family. My father said on many occasions that ugly people were a waste (same type of attitude as thinking gay people are a waste). My father specifically attacked Chelsea Clinton, saying that her parents should have aborted her because she was so ugly and she was a waste of space on earth. That type of attitude about other people does nothing but destroy. No human on the planet is a waste. All are valuable and important.

If you believe that gay men or lesbians are a waste, you really need to take a long hard look in the mirror and figure out why you don't feel secure with yourself or love yourself. Gay people are no threat to you. They are just people and deserve respect as humans.


Rush said...

This is exactly what I have taught my children. My oldest three (adults) are members of the LGBT family and I have strong suspicions of my youngest as well. They are all loving, caring human beings and deserve the same respect as anyone else. Thanks for your wise words and I hope your 'friend' has change her views on gay people. It really hurts me as a mother when ever I read ignorant comments such as what your friend said. My children are NOT a waste!!!

Suz said...

I think that the response "what a waste" isn't kind, but I have to admit when I meet a hot gay guy, who's really sweet and smart etc., I'll think, "what a shame that I'll never have a chance with him," which is probably more what your acquaintance was feeling.

Kimber Kahn said...

I agree with Rush and with Suz. I have said myself "Why are all the smoking hot ones (guys) gay?" Truly, it's more a "Damn, I'll never have a chance because I've got the wrong equipment." Is it a waste? Absolutely not! Would I stand a chance if I was male? Probably not. People that are good looking usually hook up with people that are good looking, also.
My daughter is part of the community. She is one of the most loyal, loving, kind, giving, generous people I know, and I say that not simply because I'm her mother, but because it is true. She will stand up for and stand by her friends, family, and the underdog. I'd like to be able to say she's that way because I raised her to be that way, but I can't take full credit for it. Her opinions and ideals have been helped along by me, but she (as we all are) is the only thinker in her universe and her attitude comes from the decisions she has made. She is a beautiful person, inside and out and she deserves all the happiness in the world just as every other person on the planet does. I will never understand how people can pick one aspect of another person and make a split second judgement about them and think "That's it. I don't have to give this person another thought." SMH I don't understand some folks.

Cliffgirl said...

Yeah, I totally agree. As Suz pointed out, they are not a waste. Maybe it's God getting back at all us straight people that many of the cutest, most sensitive, intelligent and artistic men are gay. Kind of like an 'in your face'. But a waste? No. My oldest son is gay and my middle daughter is bi. So I don't consider them a waste in any sense of the word.

Sara York said...

I didn't get the vibe that she was thinking the hotness was a waste, but that they were a waste. I wish I could say for certain that the vibe was the joking, hey they are hot and I'll never have a chance at them, but I didn't get that.