Tuesday, March 5, 2013

List of Books by Sara York

I sat down and made a list of all of my books. Well, almost all. Very close to all. I think I have a lot of books out.

Emergency Servicing

Sweet Happenings in On Valentine's Day anthology

Texas Rough

Texas Hard

Texas Twist

Texas Branded

Texas Desire

Torn To Shreds

Not That Type of Guy

Without You

Selling It

Changing Currency in Winter Heat anthology

Working It Out

Murder Stalks

Red Skhye

Smooth Lies

Working Stiff

Watching for Love in the Silver Presents: Love is Love anthology

Intimate Interventions

Before The Proposal


Surprise Sleep Over

Zane's Inferno

Vampire Daycare

Miami Sizzle


New Orleans Nights: Jeff's Way

New Orleans Nights: Mike's Way

Secret Cravings

Runaway Princess

Princess Slave

Blood Demon Sacrifice

Fire and Ice

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