Friday, March 29, 2013

Love Without Restraint

Healing Love Series follows Doctor David Blankenship and Jason Ellis. Find out how they come together in Love Without Borders and see what happens when tragedy strikes in Love Without Restraint.

There were few times in Jason’s life when he'd felt this close to fantastic, and none of them matched his life now. Three months living with David had flown by, leaving him totally satisfied in every aspect of his life. Their schedules sucked, but since they lived together there were few days that went by without some physical contact, even if they only brushed hands when Jason handed a patient over to David’s team at the hospital.
The mornings when Jason woke to find David’s arms draped over him were the best. When their schedules were off, like last night, and he fell asleep long before David made it home, the surprise of being wrapped in David’s arms when he woke made his insides squirm and left him with goose bumps covering his body. He carefully disentangled his legs from David’s and crawled out of bed. After a quick shower he came out of the bathroom, trying to get dressed without waking his lover. David worked long hours and needed any extra sleep he could grab. Jason pulled a pair of boxer briefs out of his drawer and bent to put them on when a deep voice rumbled behind him.
“God, I love that view. Come here, baby, and let me see you up close.”
Jason’s heart thudded wildly as he spun around, just the thought of David watching him dress turned him inside out. “Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you.”
“It’s okay. But I want a taste of that before you go. I’m going to miss you today.”
Jason moved closer, halting just out of reach of David’s fingers.
“Hey, no fair.” David stretched and pulled Jason down onto the bed, rolling him underneath and tickling him. Jason wailed with laughter, screaming as David attacked. David dipped down and ran his tongue over Jason’s belly, sobering Jason quickly. His laugh turned into a groan as David lapped at his hips and nuzzled his balls. David’s tongue slid down Jason’s hardening length, leaving him panting for breath.
“You taste so good,” David groaned as he licked and nipped at Jason’s cock. “I’m so glad you took a chance on us and moved in. You know,”—David sat up, his gaze serious—“I love you more than life itself. I would do anything for you.”
Jason swallowed over the lump in his throat, his emotions high as he wondered if life could stay this good forever.
“Babe, any more thought about what we talked about yesterday morning? You know, getting married?”
Jason closed his eyes and whispered, “Mister Jason Blankenship.” He cracked open his eyelids, glad to see David smiling. “Yeah babe, I think I want to change my name to yours too. I like how it sounds.”
David pulled him up and hugged him tight. “You really want to? Like you really, really want to get married.”
“Yes, David, I want to marry you.”
David pushed him down on the mattress, kissing Jason until he couldn’t breathe. He heard the snick of the lube top and sighed. He’d woken with enough time to stop by the cafĂ© and eat breakfast before work, now it looked like he would be skirting into work and chowing down on whatever they had at the station. He didn’t mind, not really, not when David loved him so completely. His soul sang with pleasure as David pushed into him, spinning him out of control and into the oblivion of bliss that happened each time they made love.
The slow slide of David’s cock inside him left him dizzy. He arched up to meet each of David’s thrusts, wrapping his legs around David’s waist and holding him tightly. He reached down to take his dick in hand, stroking hard as David increased his rhythm.
“Fuck, Jason, you are hotter than ever. Your body is amazing. I can’t get enough of you.”
Jason groaned and threw back his head. He strained against David, trying to pull all of him into his body but knowing it was impossible. They rode the waves of passion, kissing and grinding against each other. Jason edged close to his orgasm, holding on as long as he could.
“David!” He cried out as he came, his hot jism shooting over his chest. David came, squeezing Jason so hard he couldn’t breathe.
“Jason, you take everything when we make love. Thank you.”
David slid out slowly, kissing Jason’s chest and neck. “Let’s get you cleaned up so you can go to work.”
“I’ll miss you today.”
“And I’ll miss you, but going in for Reggie is good. And tomorrow, you are mine.”
Jason chuckled. “Anything for you, babe.”

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