Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sexual Assault and Men

Normally I don't talk about another blog from my blog, but this subject warrants a bit more than a pointer to the post. For some reason, people believe that men can't be sexually assaulted. That is far from the truth. Men and women can be sexually excited, however that doesn't mean they want to have sex. Just because a man has an orgasm isn't reason to say that the assault was wanted. That is about as ridiculous as saying a won't who is raped won't get pregnant.

Men have the right to say no. All too often men are treated like criminals when they are sexually abused. Centers for rape focus only on women. Group sessions are women only or men are not welcome. Please take a look at Toy Soldiers.

Awareness is half the battle, the other half is believing when men say no, they mean no. Attacking them when they are drunk or passed out is just as despicable as doing the same to women.

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Erin O'Riordan said...

Really well said, Sara. Everyone - man, woman and child - deserves to live their lives free of sexual and physical abuse.