Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Surrendered to Him by Sara York

This week Promoted by the Billionaire released. Surrendered to him is my contribution to this amazing
anthology. If you haven't picked up this book yet, you can get it at Amazon, ARE, or TEB

'Surrendered To Him' by Sara York
When the storm hits, everything changes. Will shifting priorities lead to a shift in life, or will Storm Bennett abandon his heart's desires?

Storm rules the Bennett Empire with an iron fist, never taking time to allow emotions into his life, leaving him looking like the bad guy in the media over and over again. When a typhoon hits the island where one of his hotels is located, he sees it as a chance to repair his damaged reputation.

On the island, nothing is as it should be. Storm meets Keoni, a native, who challenges everything Storm knows about relationships, family and love. Keoni is blown away by Storm but wants the man so badly he can taste it.

Can he risk his newfound peace, giving a part of himself to Storm, or will he stay detached, allowing love to slip away?

Excerpt: Storm cleared his throat and moved towards the bathroom. He turned around to ask where the towels were but Keoni was right there. For a short second fear filled Storm, then Keoni was touching him, his hand on Storm’s waist, pulling them closer. Their lips met in a fevered kiss. Storm pressed his chest against Keoni’s, loving the height of the man and his muscular bulk. Storm was thin with lean muscles, Keoni was big, his body filled with little dips and valleys from his ripped form.

Keoni pushed him backwards into the bathroom and shut the door. He had Storm pressed against the wall, his hips rocking forward slightly, causing their hardened dicks to rub against each other.
The kiss ended and Storm gasped, breathing fast as he searched Keoni’s eyes. The low light from the window was enough for him to see the passion and lust. Slowly, Keoni moved his fingers to the top of Storm’s pants. With deliberate moves he undid the snap then placed his fingers on the zipper. They stared at each other for a long moment before Keoni lowered the zip, pushing Storm’s pants over his rear. The material dropped to the floor. Storm kicked off his shoes and pushed his pants to the side. He stood in his underwear and socks, his breathing erratic as Keoni traced his ribs then moved to the bones of his hips.

“If you want me to stop, I will,” Keoni whispered.

“No. I want this.” Storm ran his hand down Keoni’s torso, stopping at his belly button. “You are so beautiful.”

They kissed again, this time it was less desperate, smoother and in control. Keoni grabbed hold of Storm’s wrists and lifted his arms over his head, stretching him out. He wanted to fight the hold, to break free and command the situation, but Keoni was the one in charge. Keoni broke the kiss and lowered his head to Storm’s pec, kissing all around, moving towards his pit. Keoni drew in a deep breath and moaned.

“Fuck, you smell good. I bet you taste good too.” Keoni slid his tongue from Storm’s underarm to his nipple, then swirled around the nub before covering it with his mouth and sucking.

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