Friday, June 14, 2013

Friends or Lovers? - Goodreads Free Read

My new short, Friends or Lovers? is out at Smashwords.

Each year, readers request stories through Goodreads MM group. This is the letter and the photo to go with the letter that I picked. I hope you enjoy.

Dear Author,

It was supposed to be my dream honeymoon with my partner of five years. Yeah, I knew that he was reluctant to make our partnership legal but I thought that he would eventually be as happy to be my husband as I was going to be his. Nick tried to warn me, though I didn’t listen. It’s funny how my best friend Nick seems to be right about a lot of things lately… like how I should go on the honeymoon that I spent forever planning even though Mark and I aren’t together anymore. Taking Nick with me so that the extra ticket wouldn’t go to waste was another great idea. Just wish I knew how we ended up in bed like this…



Free Read

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JerryR said...

Fab cover kiddo. Will get book as soon as I can. Can't wait to read story. New fan.