Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mixed Tape Story - I Want To Know What Love Is

Have you read my Mixed Tape story, I Want To Know What Love Is?

Bill has never kissed a boy before Nick, now he thinks he's in love, but when he doesn't return to college in the fall they lose touch and he loses the best thing that ever happened to him.

Bill wants to know what love is and thinks he's found it with Nick. From their first fumbling kisses to heavy make out sessions, Nick and Bill navigate the depths of gay love. They hide their affair from the rest of the student body, showering each other with love and music in the form of mix tapes. Summer comes, forcing them to separate. Tragedy keeps Bill from returning to school. Devastated, Nick focuses on his music, vowing to never love again. When fate brings them back together, will Nick blow him off or will they know what love is? Amazon ARE 

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