Friday, August 9, 2013

Facebook and Your Information

Everyone knows their information is unsecure on Facebook but do you know how unsecure? First off, they want your phone number. Never, never enter your personal phone number into Facebook. If you're a business, sure, enter away, but if you enter your private number you're looking for trouble.

What type of trouble? The entire data stream is open and accessible to everyone who works at Facebook. Ex boyfriend is a friend of someone who works at Facebook, guess what, they now have access to your account and your new phone number that you changed after breaking up because he was a bit to much of a stalker. Someone wants your address and you've entered it in Facebook--It's theirs. Your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband wants to know if you're cheating--It's theirs to see. This includes messages sent as private messages. Oh yeah, those aren't private.

So you don't know anyone who knows anyone who works at Facebook and you think you're safe. If you're a public figure, how many reporters do you think ask for this information? Anything you put on Facebook is open for all of their employees to see because they openly share the information with other employees for favors. So that is 5299 potential leaks of your private information. Facebook will say that they have structures in place to make sure this doesn't happen. It doesn't matter what they say, your information isn't secure.

It's no secret that Facebook has access to your private messages and other data, but it is a secret that they share that data openly with friends. So watch what you put on Facebook.

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