Sunday, September 22, 2013

Will he be Cherished?

Cherished is a sexy BDSM novel with a super sweet main character and a very sexy Dom.
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Scotty Fuller is a man who demands order. His job as a librarian gives him the solace he needs, and a BDSM club provides him with the kind of entertainment he craves. That is until a cute young college student threatens to unglue his carefully pieced-together life and rip open old wounds.

Wesley Reese is a shy college student with a problem: he’s crushing on the librarian. On a dare he asks the handsome older man on a date, but dating Scotty requires more from Wesley than he can give. When the bondage restraints come out, Wesley knows he’s in too deep.

Will he change for love? Will he lose himself forever? Or will each man finally be… Cherished?


With the door shut firmly, securing them in a private room, he turned Wesley so he had to look at him. “Wesley, why did you step away from me?”
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. Please forgive me,” Wesley babbled.
“Wesley, tell me why.”
“I needed to pee. I didn’t want to disturb you. I’m so sorry.”
Scotty felt terrible. Not only had he allowed his man to be groped by a total ass, his date had to pee. He huffed out a breath and grabbed Wesley by the wrist. “Come on, there’s a bathroom right over here.” He led Wesley into the bathroom and locked the connecting door. “When you are done, you open this door first. I’ll unlock the connecting door.”
“Yes, sir.” Wesley stared at the door connecting to the other private room.
Scotty stepped out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind him to give Wesley some privacy. Scotty ran his hand over his face, pissed that he’d messed up so much. Fuck, he’d screwed up. No wonder Raphael had walked away from him so easily. That wasn’t the only reason. He never opened up to Raphael because he couldn’t. No one knew his deepest secrets, and they never would. Fuck, he didn’t deserve to have a sub as beautiful as Wesley. The doorknob rattled and the door opened, revealing a very wary-looking Wesley.
The guilt he felt expanded. He pulled Wesley into his arms, running his hands over Wesley’s body, down to his thighs and back up. His fingers traced over Wesley’s back and back down to his thighs and over his ass. Scotty felt a telltale bump and stiffened. He tugged at Wesley’s shirt and let his fingers dip below the waistband of his jeans, running right into the thick elastic of Wesley’s underwear.
Scotty stepped back and stood with his arms over his chest. The earlier infraction, stepping away from his circle of safety, could be forgiven, and Wesley had learned the lesson from that little bit of disobedience, but the underwear was another matter altogether.
“Wesley, you broke a rule. And when you break a rule, you must accept the punishment.”
Wesley’s eyes grew huge, and his body started to shake. “Oh no, no, no. Please, please tell me. Whatever I did. I’m sorry.” Tears ran down Wesley’s cheeks, and he stepped close to Scotty, his hands twisting in the fabric of Scotty’s shirt. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Please,” Wesley wailed.
Scotty was shocked by the emotions. He studied Wesley before wrapping him tightly in his arms. Wesley shook, his fear seemed real. Scotty realized this wasn’t a bratty sub acting out, this was true fear coming from the man.
“Shh, it’s okay,” Scotty whispered.
Wesley didn’t calm. Tears still streamed down his face, his mouth still running as he babbled his apologies.
“Oh God, don’t make me do that. Please don’t hit me. I swear I won’t do it again. Just don’t make me do that. Don’t make me strip in front of them.”
Wesley was beside himself, his body shaking, tears flowing fast, and he was making no sense at all. Scotty covered Wesley’s mouth with his own and slid his hand down Wesley’s torso to his cock, stroking the man through his jeans. At first, Wesley didn’t submit to his advances, then he yielded, melting against Scotty. Wesley moaned as Scotty stroked him, his own cock growing harder by the second.
Scotty pulled away with a growl. “Drop to your knees and suck me. Now.”
Wesley didn’t hesitate. He was on his knees, his fingers working Scotty’s belt buckle and pants open. Before Wesley wrapped his lips around Scotty’s cock, Scotty placed his hand on Wesley’s head, tilting his chin up to make Wesley look him in the eyes.
“You swallow every ounce of my seed. Do not let any of it drop to the ground.”
“Yes, sir,” Wesley said with a shaky voice.
The first touch of Wesley’s lips on his cock sent a spike of lust through Scotty, making his balls pull up tight. Wesley sucked him hard, then licked up and down his rod. The man was very accomplished at the task, licking and nipping at just the right time. He wrapped his fingers around Scotty’s balls, and his index finger slid over Scotty’s perineum, sending him straight to the pleasure zone.

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