Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Open Letter to Stephen Colbert

Dear Mr. Colbert, 

I understand you recently read from the Dino Porn books. Seriously, there are so many other books out there that are good and you focus on Dino Porn? Maybe it's your ultra conservative ways, or your right wing conspiracies that have led you down the path of Dino Porn, but there might be hope for you.

There are plenty of good authors out there writing fascinating literature that is not only entertaining in a sexual sense, but also contains a plot, and substance. I implore you to take a look beyond the seedier side of KDP where dinos and tentacle porn rule.

Okay, maybe you'd have a problem with my books since I write gay literature. I know, there is the whole gay mafia thing, which I guess I am a part of since I support gay rights, but our books at least involve people.

Maybe next time you can focus your reading time on something of substance. Or maybe I should just give in and write a homosexual dino story, involving beasts and other such nonsense. You'd probably enjoy that a bit too much though.

Sara York

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