Wednesday, November 20, 2013

An Interview with Maxine or Max or who ever it is that shows up

Hi, I'm Maxine and I hear you want to know a bit about me. It's okay, everyone is curious about the girls of Bubbles. I'm sure you want to know all of my secrets, but I can't divulge everything.

So, let's get down to business and let me start answering those questions.

1. Describe yourself in four words. - Well, my name is Maxine Devilicious and I'm known as Maxine the amazing, but sometimes I really like to just hang out and chill. It's a lot of pressure performing on stage, but I'm happy. So four words would be Devilicious, amazing, talented, and strong.

2. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not saving your clients ass? Let's not talk about my clients. Really, they suck. What I love to do is sing. Stop by Bubbles and you can hear me every Friday night.

3. What do you do for a living? Your funny, I can't tell about my secret identity. I just saw my boss, Travis, downstairs. If he finds out who I really am, OMG, that will ruin everything.

4. Boxers, breifs, or commando? Please, a lady never divulges her secrets.

5. Demi-cup, sports bra, or 60s freedom front? Wow, you are curious. I'm lucky that I found the perfect demi bra that fits just right, you know, to give me that extra lift. Don't you like them, they almost look real.

6. What is it about Travis that makes you crazy in a good way? Well, let me see. God, he is so hot. Like the other day at the bank--OMG, strike that, I didn't say at the bank--but he was wearing this suit. So sexy.

7. Tell me a little bit about your world. The life of a queen is alway a bit chaotic but a lot of fun. I try to make sure all the guys have a good time, but some days, the hair and makeup just don't work out. Then there's the shoes. I mean I love these shoes, but a nice tennis shoe is good too.

8. What are your greatest challenges? Keeping tucked. Well it used to be, until I learned how to do this little thing with tape and tissue. Also, I had my entire public region cleared of hair. Yep, I got laser hair removal. It hurt a bit, but I'm good.

9. What do you fear the most? Being found out. If the bank ever found out, they'd fire me.

10. What do you sleep in? Girl please, the nude.

11. If you had to choose between an expensive pair of kick-ass-heels, a 200 year old bottle of wine, or a new sports car, which would you pick? The heels, of course.

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Chapter One

Late at night, when the lights were turned low, and the good people of Savannah were shut in for the evening, he could relax and be himself. Trusting that no one from work would see his true nature, he dropped the act, allowing the shell of his daytime self to slip away. Letting go of the persona that was Max Deerfield, he became Maxine the Devilicious, Maxine the amazing, Maxine the drag queen who performed Friday nights at Bubbles.
Max pulled at the blue and green silk tie, loosening the material from around his neck. After popping the top three buttons on his starched white shirt, he drew the tie over his head then made sure to undo the knot, hanging the tie in his closet with the rest of his dress clothes—the business dress clothes. His real “dress” clothes, the ones he loved more than anything else he’d ever owned, were stored in his extra bedroom, locked away from prying eyes belonging to friends who might happen to come for a visit. Of course, he had to have guests to have prying eyes, and after Tommy left him, he hadn’t been social.
Fifty and sixty hour workweeks kept him busy at the bank. Bubbles was his outlet for social fun. It was the one place he could be Maxine, and Maxine had loads of fun dancing, singing, and drinking with the guys.
His happy place felt like heaven. Everyone loved him at Bubbles. Not that his employees at the bank didn’t like him, but they were different. Everyone wanted to get ahead at the bank; no one liked him just because he was Max. No, they liked him at the bank because he gave out promotions and raises. And most of all, they liked him because he held the key to bonus-land, that special event at the end of each year which meant the difference between buying a new BMW or a used Ford. Of course he didn’t really hold the keys to bonus-land, he was just the bearer of the news, good or bad.
Max hung his suit at the front of the closet along with three others that needed to be dropped off at the dry cleaners on Monday. Six other conservative suits sat at the back of his closet, all prepped for next week. When he was Max, he looked the part. No one would ever mistake Max for Maxine. Max was ultra conservative and masculine to a T. Once, a long time ago when he’d first started at the bank, he’d made a mistake by flipping his wrist and saying some snarky remark about a woman’s dress. Everyone had stared at him like he'd gone crazy. He laughed it off, like he’d been joking and not showing his true personality. Hell, that had been a close call.
He sighed, wishing things were different. But Max made the money and Maxine had the fun, that’s just the way it was. Tonight, after the show, he’d sleep upstairs at the club. Over the years, he’d found his fans to be a bit excessive and possessive at times. One actually tried to follow him home, scaring the crap out of him when the guy tried to run him off the road. That one incident had changed the way he operated. Plus, no one needed to find out who Maxine really was.
After shucking all of his businessman attire, Max took a quick shower, shaving his legs and pits, creating an illusion of perfection. He stepped out of the shower and scrubbed the towel over his head. After drying his hair, he pulled out a straight razor and ran the water hot in the sink. The old method of shaving gave him a much closer shave, leaving his jaw smooth as a baby’s butt. Well, maybe not that smooth, but close.
He couldn’t wait to dress up as Maxine and feel the silky dress clinging to his body. Max drew in a deep breath and stared at his reflection in the mirror. Something had to change. It wasn’t that he wanted to be a woman, but sometimes, he needed to be Maxine so bad it hurt. Feeling the sway of a clingy dress against his pantyhose or the confines of a bra around his pecs, left him turned on. When other guys reached for him on stage, took the time to say hello after a performance, or bought him drinks, it made his day. Of course, he always had a bouncer next to him when he was Maxine. He’d learned early on he couldn’t fight when he was in heals and a dress. Out of the female get-up, he was a kickass martial artist, working out six days a week; in the dress he was helpless.
Max pulled out the tape and made a little triangle from three strips, attaching another long strip of tape to the tip. He wrapped his penis in toilet paper then duct tape. Tucking his balls up high, he placed the triangle over his pelvis and pulled everything back, securing the strip to his butt cheek. About a year ago, he’d splurged, getting laser hair removal on his entire pubic area and rear so he no longer had to shave that clean. He’d found that pubic hair and duct tape were a dangerous combination. He thought about doing his legs, but he didn’t really mind shaving. Of course, he only shaved on Fridays, the day he performed, which wasn’t too bad.
He grabbed the keys to his dressing room and a bright red silk robe off the back of his closet door. Excitement built as he slipped on the robe and strolled to the extra bedroom, the one he’d turned into Maxine’s dressing room. Once he opened the door, he would no longer be a man, he would take the fantasy as far as possible, turning into the gorgeous woman he portrayed on stage. Many performers didn't try to become their personas, and he understood their choice, but for Max, once he slipped on a dress, he was a woman.
Max's heart sped up as he turned the key in the lock, setting in motion the final stages of the transformation that would make him look so amazing, straight men would do a double take, some even going so far as to ask for his number.

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Nice to meet you, Maxine! Enjoyed the sneak peek into your life.

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The book sounds yummy! Thanks for the great interview.

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Very interesting interview. I definitely want to know more about Maxine/Max.