Friday, November 1, 2013

Transparency and Transition

Writing with Ethan Stone was a great experience. When we first decided to write together it wasn't to create a book with a transgender character. After a few minutes conversation we knew that we wanted to write something a bit different than what we normally wrote. We'd both seen a comic strip on Facebook and that inspired us. You can find the comic here.

Taylor and Charlie came to life over a few conversations and then we dug in and started to write. The process flowed smoothly with a few interruptions for research. I hope you enjoy the story that we created and come to love Charlie and Taylor as much as we do.

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Blurb - Charlie is the quintessential bear. Big, muscular and hairy. But that isn’t the type of men he’s attracted to. He is drawn to men like Taylor—short, smooth, and sexy. Taylor is Charlie’s idea of the perfect twink. But there’s something about Taylor Charlie doesn’t know.

Taylor is unsure about a lot of things, but when he sees Charlie, he instantly knows he wants him. The only issue standing in his way is how Taylor views his own masculinity. He’s afraid that Charlie will leave once he knows the secret Taylor wants to keep hidden. Can he be transparent with Charlie and allow him to look behind the image he's so carefully constructed?


Taylor drew in a deep breath before walking out of the bathroom of the fast-food joint toward the street exit. Like usual, he avoided eye contact as he left the restaurant and made his way down the street to Pleasures Entertainment and Bookstore. His heart thumped wildly as he handed over the five dollar entry fee and headed to the back. The store wasn't packed, but four guys and two girls were milling around, looking at products. A sexy bald man looked up, his piercing eyes drilling a hole straight through Taylor. His steps faltered and he stalled, his feet refusing to move as the man stared at him. He wanted that guy—not for long term because long term wouldn’t work, but a quick blow would feed his fantasies.
The man was freaking hot. That he had no hair on top wasn't a problem. Even better, a tight beard clung to his sharp jaw, leaving Taylor wanting. The air in his lungs stilled, and he had to remind himself to breathe. If only a man like that could want him, but he usually didn't have the best of luck with built studs. The intensity from the sexy stranger poured off him like a waterfall, leaving Taylor wondering if he'd drown in the guy's allure.
He shook off the need, breaking eye contact as he made his way back to the booths. This was his reality for now. He may have wanted to be in that sexy bear's arms, but he'd settle for a quick way to get off, sucking other guys and pretending it was more.
Taylor glanced over his shoulder one last time as he grabbed for the handle on the door. He was disappointed he couldn’t see the guy he'd eye fucked. His insides twisted thinking about that stranger who was one heck of a sexy bear.

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Susinok said...

I really enjoyed this story. Thanks for writing outside the box. :)