Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mixed Tape Story - I Want To Know What Love Is

Have you read my Mixed Tape story, I Want To Know What Love Is?

Bill has never kissed a boy before Nick, now he thinks he's in love, but when he doesn't return to college in the fall they lose touch and he loses the best thing that ever happened to him.

Bill wants to know what love is and thinks he's found it with Nick. From their first fumbling kisses to heavy make out sessions, Nick and Bill navigate the depths of gay love. They hide their affair from the rest of the student body, showering each other with love and music in the form of mix tapes. Summer comes, forcing them to separate. Tragedy keeps Bill from returning to school. Devastated, Nick focuses on his music, vowing to never love again. When fate brings them back together, will Nick blow him off or will they know what love is? Amazon ARE 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Learning To Live

In Torn To Shreds Lucas is fighting for his life, now he needs to learn how to live again. Pick up Learning To Live at Amazon B&N or AllRomance.

Torn To Shreds - When Lucas Spires goes missing his brother, Amos, turns to Brett Hutchings, an ex Marine, kicked out for being gay. After Amos betrayed him, forced him out of Lucas’s life and ended his career, Brett vowed to never to never to speak with, much less help Amos, until the end of eternity. But Brett can’t deny his need to save Lucas, the one guy he’s never been able to get out of his system, even if it means working for Amos.

The trail is cold, with Lucas missing for more than a month. The cops are clueless, unable to find even a hint that the young man was abducted instead of just wandering away. When Brett latches onto a trace of evidence, it looks like he’ll find Lucas, but the clue doesn’t pan out the way he thinks it should.

Lucas can’t take the abuse any longer. He’s at the end of his chain, literally. If he could escape into the mountains, he would, but the sick bastard attached a manacle to his leg, exerting his control physically. Lucas is desperate to escape his captor; all hope has vanished, crushing his spirit. Lucas dreams of a savior, but Brett walked away a long time ago, and he’s the only man strong enough to save Lucas.

Learning To Live - The second book in Lucas's Story. After Lucas's ordeal in Torn to Shreds, find out how he copes with Learning to Live.

After Lucas moves in with Brett can he stand the pressure of living with the man of his dreams or will the dream life turn into a nightmare? When Lucas can't even stand to be touched how can he expect to be a lover? Brett is a patient man, but how long will Brett be able to hold out?

Pick up Learning To Live at Amazon B&N or AllRomance.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friends or Lovers? - Goodreads Free Read

My new short, Friends or Lovers? is out at Smashwords.

Each year, readers request stories through Goodreads MM group. This is the letter and the photo to go with the letter that I picked. I hope you enjoy.

Dear Author,

It was supposed to be my dream honeymoon with my partner of five years. Yeah, I knew that he was reluctant to make our partnership legal but I thought that he would eventually be as happy to be my husband as I was going to be his. Nick tried to warn me, though I didn’t listen. It’s funny how my best friend Nick seems to be right about a lot of things lately… like how I should go on the honeymoon that I spent forever planning even though Mark and I aren’t together anymore. Taking Nick with me so that the extra ticket wouldn’t go to waste was another great idea. Just wish I knew how we ended up in bed like this…



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