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Characters that won't leave you alone - Colorado Wild

A year ago I was walking my dogs with my husband and it was raining just a bit, not too bad, but enough to make the road damp in places. I was just about at the spot where the sun is filtering to the pavement in in the photo to the left. Of course, this photo was taken on a different day, but it was that place that I started doing the "what if's" for my characters in the Colorado Heart series. Then Grant was born. Soon after, the other men of Wild Bluff Ranch and the Colorado Heart series followed. The question I asked was, "What if you had cowboys who were assassins?"

About that time, Rob Kristian, posted a photo of John Charles Dickson. The image blew me away. You can see it below. John became the main image for the Colorado Heart series. He represents the perfect cowboy. When Rob took this shot, he was messing around, little did he know that it would be so important to me. I see angst, and heartache along with hope for more in this shot. Colorado Heart is all about hope for a better tomorrow. Grant, Roger, Billy, Tucker, Marshal, and Zander, they all want more for themselves and for the world.

Once the idea was planted, I started to develop the story. What could happen in the lives of these men to make them become assassins? They are all ex-military and all of them want to make a difference. You see, they don't assassinate just anyone, the person has to be bad.

These guys aren't heartless, they feel deeply, and for Grant,
that's an issue. His partner of five years has walked out on him, and now, he has to figure out how to move on. Can Roger, the new assassin at Wild Bluff, entice him, or is he ruined on relationships for the rest of his life.

Then there's Billy. He's got a huge problem. The man he's in love with is straight. There is no way they will ever be together...but tragedy strikes and forces Billy to act.

It's never easy at Wild Bluff and the guys find themselves in some difficult situations. So get comfy, find your favorite reading spot, and get ready to meet the men of the Colorado Heart series.

You can purchase Colorado Wild at Amazon ARE Smashwords or in paperback at Createspace

Colorado Wild blurb - When love sneaks up on you, shoot for the heart.

Billy Bradford has a secret, and it's bigger than the fact that he's an assassin. When Tucker Hayes, Billy's "straight" best friend, is injured on a mission, Billy acts in haste, kissing Tucker. Shocked by the act, Tucker runs. But desire is stronger than convictions, leading Tucker to hunt down Billy.

The other guys on the ranch are oblivious to Tucker and Billy's actions as they investigate a new target. Grant Stovall is hung up on his ex, but Roger Burk, their new operative, catches his attention and one small touch isn't enough.

Meet the cowboys of Wild Bluff Ranch in the first book of the Colorado Heart Series, Colorado Wild.

Excerpt - 

Every second seemed to take forever, the minutes stretched on seeming like hours as Billy waited for the car to roll through the gate. He'd kept up with Marshal's progress reports, reading each line about Tucker at least five times. Anger and relief had left him on edge for the last few days. The guys had called him on his attitude more than once, assigning him horse stall cleaning duty, which was his least liked job on the ranch.
Perched on the top of the fence, he watched the three men unload from the car, Tucker with his arm in a sling. White-hot rage boiled up and Billy jumped from the top rail, stalking into the barn to finish cleaning the stalls. The anger didn't abate as he shoveled clean straw into the last of the stalls. After finishing the task he put the pitchfork in the closet, straightening all of the tools before turning around quickly, running straight into Tucker. The gasp from Tucker shot spikes of electricity down Billy's legs, but when the man cringed in pain he felt like his heart was being squeezed so tight he'd die.
"Wow, didn't expect you to run over me." Tucker's voice spilled out, filling the small area. Billy wanted to close his eyes and lean in, resting his ear against Tucker's chest and listen to the man talk while feeling the vibrations from the deep baritone.
"Tuck." He tried not to let his emotions show, hiding the desire and need filling him. "Glad you're back. I guess you won't be working though."
Tucker's lips turned down and his eyes drooped. The light he'd seen in them dimmed a bit and Tucker dropped his chin, his gaze sliding away from Billy. He was being harsh and he hated himself for being such a jerk, but Tucker getting shot had made him feel so vulnerable he'd cried himself to sleep. The need to punish Tucker for scaring him overrode his good senses.
"Hey, why are you mad at me?" Tucker pressed his lips together and stepped forward, blocking Billy's exit.
They were both big guys, but Tucker was tall and broad, not an ounce of fat on the man. Billy was tall, but narrow, his muscles lean and long. Though blond, Tucker had a dark look about him, and when he allowed his stubble to grow, Billy would do anything for him. They were best friends, inseparable most days. There were so many ways to answer Tucker's question. The truth wasn't one of them. If he spilled the beans, telling Tucker how attracted he was to him, how he wanted to try to build a relationship, he'd be laughed off Wild Bluff Ranch. Tucker was straight and girls were his thing, he just didn't sleep around with them so he was mostly celibate. They'd spent hours talking about it, not girls, but sex. Tucker said was saving himself for someone special. Not that he was a virgin, but he didn't see the point in having sex with random people when his hand never talked back or complained.
Billy understood and though he went into Colorado Springs a few times a year to get off, he didn't pressure Tucker to do the same. Those times he did head into town, he picked guys who were big and burly like Tucker.
"It's nothing. I'm just busy. I need to finish off the barn," Billy barked out, lying through his teeth. The barn was done and he had nothing to do. If this were any other mission, he'd throw his arm over Tucker's shoulder and have a beer with him.
"Okay, how about I grab us a few beers and we can sit out on the patio until dinner is read."
"No, I don't want a beer."
"Billy, what the fuck is wrong with you?"
"It's nothing." Billy clenched his fist and his teeth, words spun through his thoughts but nothing he could say. "You getting injured makes things hard around here. That's all." He wasn't making sense and he was about to cry. He couldn’t let Tucker see him cry. The truth would come out then and he'd be without his friend forever.
"You're being an ass."
"Then leave."
Tucker didn't move and Billy almost told him the truth. Every cell in his body cried out for him to spill the beans but the fallout would devastate them both. Helplessness and rage combined causing a roar in his ears that left him completely unable to deal with the situation.

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Will he be Cherished?

Cherished is a sexy BDSM novel with a super sweet main character and a very sexy Dom.
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Scotty Fuller is a man who demands order. His job as a librarian gives him the solace he needs, and a BDSM club provides him with the kind of entertainment he craves. That is until a cute young college student threatens to unglue his carefully pieced-together life and rip open old wounds.

Wesley Reese is a shy college student with a problem: he’s crushing on the librarian. On a dare he asks the handsome older man on a date, but dating Scotty requires more from Wesley than he can give. When the bondage restraints come out, Wesley knows he’s in too deep.

Will he change for love? Will he lose himself forever? Or will each man finally be… Cherished?


With the door shut firmly, securing them in a private room, he turned Wesley so he had to look at him. “Wesley, why did you step away from me?”
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. Please forgive me,” Wesley babbled.
“Wesley, tell me why.”
“I needed to pee. I didn’t want to disturb you. I’m so sorry.”
Scotty felt terrible. Not only had he allowed his man to be groped by a total ass, his date had to pee. He huffed out a breath and grabbed Wesley by the wrist. “Come on, there’s a bathroom right over here.” He led Wesley into the bathroom and locked the connecting door. “When you are done, you open this door first. I’ll unlock the connecting door.”
“Yes, sir.” Wesley stared at the door connecting to the other private room.
Scotty stepped out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind him to give Wesley some privacy. Scotty ran his hand over his face, pissed that he’d messed up so much. Fuck, he’d screwed up. No wonder Raphael had walked away from him so easily. That wasn’t the only reason. He never opened up to Raphael because he couldn’t. No one knew his deepest secrets, and they never would. Fuck, he didn’t deserve to have a sub as beautiful as Wesley. The doorknob rattled and the door opened, revealing a very wary-looking Wesley.
The guilt he felt expanded. He pulled Wesley into his arms, running his hands over Wesley’s body, down to his thighs and back up. His fingers traced over Wesley’s back and back down to his thighs and over his ass. Scotty felt a telltale bump and stiffened. He tugged at Wesley’s shirt and let his fingers dip below the waistband of his jeans, running right into the thick elastic of Wesley’s underwear.
Scotty stepped back and stood with his arms over his chest. The earlier infraction, stepping away from his circle of safety, could be forgiven, and Wesley had learned the lesson from that little bit of disobedience, but the underwear was another matter altogether.
“Wesley, you broke a rule. And when you break a rule, you must accept the punishment.”
Wesley’s eyes grew huge, and his body started to shake. “Oh no, no, no. Please, please tell me. Whatever I did. I’m sorry.” Tears ran down Wesley’s cheeks, and he stepped close to Scotty, his hands twisting in the fabric of Scotty’s shirt. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Please,” Wesley wailed.
Scotty was shocked by the emotions. He studied Wesley before wrapping him tightly in his arms. Wesley shook, his fear seemed real. Scotty realized this wasn’t a bratty sub acting out, this was true fear coming from the man.
“Shh, it’s okay,” Scotty whispered.
Wesley didn’t calm. Tears still streamed down his face, his mouth still running as he babbled his apologies.
“Oh God, don’t make me do that. Please don’t hit me. I swear I won’t do it again. Just don’t make me do that. Don’t make me strip in front of them.”
Wesley was beside himself, his body shaking, tears flowing fast, and he was making no sense at all. Scotty covered Wesley’s mouth with his own and slid his hand down Wesley’s torso to his cock, stroking the man through his jeans. At first, Wesley didn’t submit to his advances, then he yielded, melting against Scotty. Wesley moaned as Scotty stroked him, his own cock growing harder by the second.
Scotty pulled away with a growl. “Drop to your knees and suck me. Now.”
Wesley didn’t hesitate. He was on his knees, his fingers working Scotty’s belt buckle and pants open. Before Wesley wrapped his lips around Scotty’s cock, Scotty placed his hand on Wesley’s head, tilting his chin up to make Wesley look him in the eyes.
“You swallow every ounce of my seed. Do not let any of it drop to the ground.”
“Yes, sir,” Wesley said with a shaky voice.
The first touch of Wesley’s lips on his cock sent a spike of lust through Scotty, making his balls pull up tight. Wesley sucked him hard, then licked up and down his rod. The man was very accomplished at the task, licking and nipping at just the right time. He wrapped his fingers around Scotty’s balls, and his index finger slid over Scotty’s perineum, sending him straight to the pleasure zone.

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Romance Reviews Blog Hop

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the TRR Hop. I love reading and writing. Today I want to introduce you to a wonderful author, Ethan Stone. I love his work. I'm currently reading Compromised. If you haven't picked it up, it is so good.

Kash never thought he’d find true love working at a maximum security prison, but that’s exactly what happens.

Correctional Officer Daniel “Kash” Kashaveroff is single, gay and working at a maximum security prison in a small town in Nevada. Not the best job or town in which to meet men. He wants to fall in love again but isn’t actively looking.

Then he begins working with a new partner, Zane Davis, and his life is turned upside down. Kash is attracted to Zane but isn’t sure the sexy man plays for his team. When the gay or not mystery is solved, Zane and Kash begin a relationship that starts as friends-with-benefits but soon becomes a committed one.

Zane is bisexual and as much as he cares for Kash, he is still drawn to women. The attraction to the fairer sex creates problems in the relationship but Kash is committed to making it work.

While dealing with his relationship issues, Kash also becomes friends with an inmate named Cody Ives. Becoming personally involved with an inmate is against the rules, but Kash believes in the young man’s innocence and insists on proving it.

I love the characters in the book, the story is well written and engaging. Actually all of Ethan's books are so good.

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Thank you so much!!

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