Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sue Brown’s A COCK IN THE WINDOW Blog Tour

Hello, my name is Kit Stone and I’m taking A Cock in the Window on tour for Sue Brown before its publication on Friday 20th December. You haven’t met me before. I’m thirty-six years old, grey eyes, have most of my hair and am just under six feet tall. Brad Pitt I’m not, but I don't crack mirrors. I own a gift shop in a seaside town and carve cocks. I’m gay, with a wide and varied porn collection and no interest in chickens other than the roast dinner variety. Do I have to explain which type I carve?

This type would be hard on the teeth.

Steve and I have an interesting way of eating roast chicken.

Like many seaside towns, Bregham is full of ladies of ‘a certain age’, either residents or tourists. Two of my best friends, Jean and Diane, have been residents of Bregham for longer than I’ve been alive. Wicked women, both of them, but they keep me supplied in lattes and gossip and that’s why I love them.

Of course you think you know everything about your friends, and then one day they rock your world….

You’d think little old ladies wouldn’t want to visit my shabby, little gift shop but it’s a good place to hide in the event of rain showers. Some of them have other reasons for visiting me, as you can see below.

This was going to be the original cover, and winners of the blog tour will get an ebook with this cover. Sadly booksellers are throwing a wobbler at the moment so a less... um... suggestive cover will be on the book that is for sale. The fabulous Alexa Corza produced the covers for me and over the next few stops I’ll show you some more of the options on our journey.


I’m late opening the shop and to my surprise, two customers push in as soon as I unlock the door.
“It says nine on the door,” an elderly woman snaps, pointing to the opening hours.
It’s ten past, bitch. I smile sweetly. “I’m sorry, I was fucking my boyfriend. May I help you?”
 Her companion gasps, a hand over her mouth but the woman just stares at me as if she thinks I’m just being vulgar. I am being vulgar. God, I love life at the moment.
“I want one of those.” She points to the cocks.
I hide my surprise and say, “Which penis would you like?”
She flushes at the word but points to the huge ebony cock—Alex.
“Mavis, you can’t walk out of the shop with that… that… thing.”
 “Oh bollocks, Edna,” Mavis snaps. “I’ve had my eye on that since we arrived.”
I’m rapidly warming to Mavis even if she is a miserable old bitch. “Excellent choice, madam. Would you like it wrapped.” Or would you like to fondle it in the street?
“Of course I want it bloody wrapped,” she says, eyeing me with dislike. Friendly feelings only go so far then.
I get Alex and wrap him in tissue paper. 
Mavis hands me the cash and I ring it up, giving her the change. She checks it over and her eyes widen as she realises I knocked a tenner off the price.
“It’s the first one I’ve sold,” I confide. “A lot of people fondle Alex but no one’s been brave enough to buy him.”
She looks at me a fraction more kindly. “Make sure you open on time tomorrow.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Mavis retreats with her companion, who is still fluttering over the purchase. She clutches the cock in her hand as she marches down the street, displaying it to the whole world.



The blog tour finishes at on Friday 20th December and prizes will be drawn at 10pm GMT. Leave a comment with your email address here or anywhere along the blog tour to take part.

My previous stops on the tour were at:
·      6th Dec. Sue Brown
·      7th Dec. Talon PS
·      8th Dec. Lou Sylvre

My next stop is on Wednesday 11th at:
·      Patricia Logan


1st Prize – Wooden Cock
Plus a copy of A Cock in the Window with original cover (mobi, epub or PDF)
Plus $10 Amazon gift voucher

2nd prize – Wooden Cock
Plus a copy of A Cock in the Window with original cover (mobi, epub or PDF)

3rd Prize x3
A copy of A Cock in the Window with original cover (mobi, epub or PDF)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Colorado Fire - Catching Fire and Saving The World

Introducing Colorado Fire

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Where there's smoke, there's fire. 

Marshal has it bad, but can he figure it out before he ruins his relationship with his best friend, or will he mess up the one good thing in his life. 

Zander doesn't know if he's coming or going. Life at Wild Bluff has been easy up until now. His head is spinning and his heart is aching. Can he figure out Marshal's mess before it puts them both in hot water? 

Grant Stovall is in too deep. Should he turn to or away from Roger Burk? If only the answers were easy, and he could be sure. Craig is back in town, ready to serve a burn notice, destroying everything the men of Wild Bluff hold dear. 

Colorado Fire is the second book of the Colorado Heart series.


They crested a small rise and the wind picked up. Four vultures were circling low about a half-mile away, their black bodies standing out against the sky. "Vultures."
"I see that. Let's go investigate." Zander urged Dusty into a canter and Marshal followed on Tammy, adjusting in his saddle to get the rhythm right as they moved down the road.
Zander stopped and he slowed Tammy, stopping beside Dusty. "What do you think?" Marshal asked. About twenty yards away, two vultures picked at a carcass. "A wild animal?"
"Let's have a looksee." Zander dismounted and secured Dusty to a tree branch ten feet away. Marshal did the same with Tammy then followed Zander to the vultures. They were halfway there when the big birds took to the air.
Marshal stopped walking but Zander kept going. He watched Zander's ass, wondering how it would feel in his hands. The man was tall and lean with little padding in the back, but he bet the round globes of his ass would feel good, even if they were small.
Zander glanced over his shoulder and halted, arching one eyebrow. Marshal's body heated, his face feeling like it was on fire. He'd been caught lusting after his best friend, and he wasn't gay. At least that's what he'd been telling everyone including himself, but now he didn't know. His desire to experiment with guys had been growing, and Zander had been at the center of his fantasies. He shook off the uncomfortable feeling, covering his faux pas.
"So, what do you think?" Marshal asked.
Zander turned to face him, not taking his eyes off Marshal as he strode closer. His stomach turned and twisted, hoping Zander didn't say anything. They stared at each other for a long moment then Zander turned to the carcass, taking a few more steps. Marshal stayed beside him, not wanting to get caught checking out the man's ass again.
"It looks like a wolf," Zander said.
"Yeah, not sure what killed it. Probably age. From what I can see, the fur doesn't look healthy."
"At least it wasn't one of the horses or cows."
Marshal nodded then turned back to the horses, taking ten steps before Zander caught up, falling in step beside him. They'd been friends for so long and were close as brothers. He couldn't ruin their friendship with this attraction.
"Hey, do you want to head into Colorado Springs and do something fun this weekend?"
Marshal sucked in a breath, wondering how dangerous it would be for him to be alone with Zander. "Grant is still gone. I don't know if I could enjoy myself."
Zander placed his hand on Marshal's shoulder, stopping their steps. Marshal stared at the dirt, trying to control his emotions, but Zander wouldn’t let him get away with the downcast eyes. His fingers under Marshal's chin were enough encouragement for him to lift his head. Sparks shot from where Zander touched all the way to Marshal's toes.
"You need to take a break. You're stressed and you need some fun time."
Marshal swallowed over the lump forming in his throat. The care and concern in Zander's gaze did him in. Tears stung the back of his eyes, and he fought to get them under control, but the stress of the last few weeks had weighed him down. He tried to turn away from Zander, but the man caught him and pulled him into a crushing hug.
Desire and anger twisted trough him, leaving him aching to hold Zander and wanting to push him away. Zander's hands were close to his shoulders then one of Zander's hands traveled down Marshal's back, leaving little electric tingles behind. Marshal memorized the way Zander's hands moved, slow and gentle as the man rubbed Marshal's muscles.
"You need to relax. Just let it all out," Zander whispered.
Marshal's dick did the opposite of relax, and he tried to move away, but Zander didn't let go. His nose was pressed against Zander's neck, and he drew in a deep breath, taking in the masculine scent of his best friend. The soap Zander used smelled like fresh mountains on a spring day. He loved catching a whiff of the man after a shower, but now, with his body pressed up against Zander's, all he wanted to do was strip him naked and make love to him. Marshal lifted his head just a bit, placing his nose behind Zander's ear. Little curls tickled Marshal's nose, and he jerked back, lining his cheek up with Zander's. The scruff felt good against his skin and he almost groaned.
Marshal hadn't done it on purpose, but now they were cheek to cheek. Zander's hands rested on the small of his back and his fingers were curling into Zander's hips, holding him steady as he slid his lips over just a bit, lining up with Zander's mouth. The first brush of lips could have been played off as a mistake, but the second slide of his lips against Zander's couldn't be brushed off as a slip-up. The moan from deep in his throat gave further evidence that he wanted this.
Had he been thinking straight, he would have pulled back, telling Zander he was sorry and it meant nothing. He didn't do that. His tongue pressed against Zander's lips, demanding entrance just as he tightened his hold on the man.
All of his fantasies and dreams didn't come close to how wonderful it felt to be connected to Zander, his tongue sliding against Zander's. Tasting a man for the first time made his throat squeeze, and he struggled to breathe before forgetting to take in air all together.

Hot and heavy came quick on the heels of the sweet brush of lips. Marshal pressed his hips against Zander's, grinding hard. Their dicks bumped, and for a moment, he felt like he was going to shatter into a million pieces.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Unacceptable Circumstances - Bullies Shouldn't Win

RIP Frank Wolf

I'm devastated. One of the people my daughter follows on Tumblr committed suicide. My daughter loved him, and thought he was wonderful. He was so cute and adorable. This note that he held up is so true. He was unique and beautiful. Frank Wolf was not your usual, boring kid. He had something special and people tried to squash that specialness.

I wish society would stop trying to make everyone conform. So what if Tom Daley is gay or that Anderson Cooper likes guys. It's Pink's business if she's straight, bi, or gay. Ricky Martin should be able to love who ever the hell he wants. And for the most part, these celebrities are able to get away with nonconformity, but regular people, non-celebrities feel the pressure to fit in.

Acceptance is crucial for development of our society. The idiot right-wingers will take acceptance to extremes, saying that if we accept people like Frank Wolf who liked to dress up as Zelda characters that society will fall. They are wrong. The world had hurricanes, tornados, volcanos, the ice age, earthquakes and wind storms long before Anderson Cooper slept with a guy. Tom Daley didn't ruin the fabric of our society and the gay guy who lives down the street from you isn't causing the crime in your neighborhood.

Gays and Lesbians aren't evil. I wish those people who hated gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people could see that their hate is what is making the world bad. Bullying others does nothing to please God. If you want to make the world a better place, love is the answer. So what if someone is different, love them. Love the cross-dresser and the the guy in a suit. Love is what makes the world a better place, not misguided morals that degrade everyone, including those judging.

RIP Frank Wolf

Obituary for Francis Lapointe

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Take What You Want by Ann Lister

Check out the blog tour and enter to win prizes! 
Mega rock star, Alex “Zander” Metcalf is burned out after nearly two years touring with his band, as well as emotionally drained after his sexual preferences were exposed by the media. He is ready for a long sabbatical – alone, and retreats to the east coast island of Martha’s Vineyard; leasing an oceanside estate.
Alex seeks the quiet lifestyle of a recluse to write new material for his band, only to meet the handsome estate manager, Chase, and his gorgeous fiancée, Danni, living in the guest house on his property. Alex's hope of solitude is soon forgotten when he discovers Chase has a repressed bi-sexual side that is aching to surface and Alex is more than happy to help him explore it.
What neither Alex or Chase expects is the emotional power of their chemistry expanding to involve the three of them when Danni becomes entangled in their passion. Alex believes he has finally found his perfect menage relationship with Chase and Danni.
Sometimes two isn't enough and it takes three to complete the union of a fulfilled love. But, will their new relationship be strong enough to survive when real life wants to punish them for their unconventional love? And, can they be confident in the strength of their love to take the 'happily ever after' they can only give each other?