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Dr. Feelgood

Dr. Feelgood

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Whether they’re paramedics, nurses, therapists, doctors, or even actors who play them on TV, the men in the medical profession must contend with job stress and long hours that can make finding love a challenge. These dedicated professionals aid patients from the severely injured to those just needing some help with a bath, and along the way find creative ways to release some tension, reconnect with past partners, and even forge something that might last a lifetime.

Injuries, huge workloads, dedication to duty, self-doubt, and fear of coming out of the closet are only some of the obstacles standing in the way of the men committed to easing pain and those in need of treatment. But with hard work, some humor, some steamy on- and off-the-job trysts, plenty of patience, and open hearts, doctors and patients alike can find the healing they need, whether it comes from a lifelong commitment or a quickie in the staff room.

The men in this anthology are looking for relief, and they’re in luck—the doctor is in.

Rx for Sex by Bru Baker
Hero Worship by Kris T. Bethke
Tourniquet by Kaye P. Hallows
Differential Diagnosis by Anna Martin
To the Next Level by Laura Mathews
In My Own Skin by Thea Nishimori
Iron Man by Meg O'Brien
Night Shift by Casey O'Neill
Mend What Is Broken by Fil Preis
Kind by Samuel Scott Preston
Right-hand Man by Rob Rosen
Pain Management by Brigham Vaughn
Doctor in the Desert by S.C Wynne
First and Last by Sara York

Excerpt from First and Last

“Oh.” Trevin’s mind tumbled over the memories of the last time they’d been together—graduation night. He and Jeffery had known each other, but they weren’t friends in high school since they hung out with different crowds. Jeff had been Mr. Smarty-Pants, and Trevin was a safety on the football team. Macho had been his mechanism to get through the fear of being gay and stuck in a small town. On graduation night, he and a few friends had headed out to one of the abandoned barns, drinking and playing loud music as they howled at the moon and celebrated their freedom. Jeffery showed up with a bunch of girls, and Trevin took a hike to one of the ponds when couples started pairing off. Smarty-Pants followed him, which had annoyed the hell out of Trevin. The beer smoothed his agitation, and he and Jeffery started talking. One thing led to another, and they ended up sitting on the bank of a pond, tossing rocks into the water.
Trevin reached for a rock that lay between them at the same time as Jeffery had. It was like lightning had struck him; even now, the thought of that accidental hand brush made him sweat.
Jeffery had looked up at him, his blue eyes so full of hope in the moonlight that Trevin had thrown caution to the wind and leaned close, brushing their lips together. It was like a firestorm erupted. They tumbled to the grass, and in no time flat they both had their dicks out, their bodies plastered together as Jeffery stroked them to heaven. The orgasm stole his breath and his mind, because all he wanted to do was lie on the grass and kiss Jeffery until they could do that again.
He had no idea how long they’d been out there kissing—long enough to leave his lips chapped and his balls emptied. Then he heard his name called. One of the girls was looking for him, probably to see if she could get laid since they were celebrating, but all Trevin wanted to do was screw Jeffery. The girl came closer, and he freaked, jumping up and tucking his dick into his pants as shame washed over him. Jeffery stood slowly and put away his junk, his soulful blue eyes searing Trevin’s soul.
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