Sunday, May 4, 2014

Do you love firemen?

This week the second book in my Love's First Response series it out. Fireman, Flames and Fettuccine (Love's First Response) is about Grady and his love for big guys with a little meat on their bones. 
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Blurb: Grady Madison thinks his goofy clown suit is a huge turn off for the hot bear, Paul Sessa. But sometimes goofy is more appealing than suave.

When Grady Madison was forced out of the closet he thought his life would change for the worse, but he soon realizes he can date men without having to hide it from his co-workers. Attraction fires when he runs into Paul Sessa, filling him with fiery hot desire. Taking things slow is the plan, until they wind up with pants around their ankles before their first real date.

Paul Sessa wants a man of his own and not just another hookup. But that guy has to pass his daughter's scrutiny, and she's one smart cookie.Dutch looked up at him and whined. He knelt and petted Dutch, talking nonsense to the cute pooch. He heard someone approaching, and a shadow fell on him.

Excerpt: Dutch jumped up and launched himself at the person behind Grady, tangling his leash in Grady’s legs. He tried to stand and catch the dog, but he didn’t do much beyond becoming wrapped in the long lead and falling on his ass.

From the sounds of it, Dutch had hit his mark. Grady turned, grabbing for the leash as he glanced up at the most beautiful brown eyes and curly dark hair he’d ever seen. It was the guy who’d been staring earlier. He swung his gaze to Grady and stilled. He could have been mistaken, but Grady swore he saw heat in those depths. Anything he imagined he saw was gone before Grady had time to sit up straight and grab a hold of Dutch properly.

“Sorry about that. He’s usually really good. Must like the way you smell or something.” Thank God he had the clown paint on, because his face was hotter than the pavement in summer on a scorcher of a day.

“Probably my sausage.”

“What?” Grady’s mouth fell open, and he glanced down, realizing he was going to look at this dude’s crotch to check out his sausage. Fuck, he was—well, not really in uniform, but Grady was here as a fireman and checking out a stranger’s package when the guy knew exactly what he was doing was beyond wrong.

The guy laughed, and his cheeks tinted pink. “I’m a chef. Dogs love me because I smell like meat all the time. I just made up some sausage earlier today.”

“Oh.” Grady was so embarrassed that he wanted to run away. He looked for Larry, seeing that he was still talking to the girl.

“I think you two should take your act on the road.”

“What?” Listening to this guy talk had his nerves on edge. Not because his voice was rough; no, it was smooth as silk, sliding over Grady’s body and melting him with each word. He could hardly concentrate because he was trying to keep his dick from waking up and taking notice. That the guy was big with broad shoulders had Grady even more excited. Then there was the little tuft of hair curling over the collar of his shirt. This big, beautiful bear was exactly what Grady wanted in his bed. Grady glanced down again at the guy’s body. He had a bit of extra padding, and Grady pictured them together, this guy hanging over him while he was tied down. Fuck.

“You’re a little jumpy.”

“Sorry. I’m hard—I mean I’m tired. Oh God, I’m just going to go slam my head in the door and—” Grady tried to turn away, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. Sparks flashed through his body, and his dick jumped, trying to break free of the confines of his pants and underwear. He was embarrassed beyond belief, and he was making a total ass of himself.

“Wait. Don’t go. I’m Paul. I cook at Sessa’s Italian Grill. I’m working tomorrow night. Why don’t you come in?”

Grady didn’t move away but couldn’t look Paul in the eye. “I was kind of hoping you’d never know who I really was. The paint kind of keeps me hidden.”

“You have great eyes, very beautiful.”

Grady bit his lips and sucked in a breath. “You keep making me blush.” Finally, he lifted his chin and stared at Paul, taking in the pale skin and angular face. “You know, I could be exceedingly ugly under this clown suit.”

Paul squinted and shrugged. “I’ll take my chances. So, what’s your name?”

“Grady.” He stuck out his hand for a shake, and Paul took it. The man’s grasp was firm, and Paul held on for longer than was usually considered socially acceptable, but Grady didn’t mind. He wanted to touch, lick, and kiss this guy, but a handshake would have to suffice since they were in public.

“Hey Grady, time to go,” Larry called out.

“I gotta—you know.” Grady let go of Paul’s hand and backed away.

“You probably want to take care of that thing, you know, being tired and all,” Paul laughed, his smile reaching his eyes, making them twinkle.

Purchase at Amazon, AllRomance, or MLR Press.

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