Friday, June 20, 2014

Lending A Hand

Thunderclap, it's an easy way to reach people. The time to spread the message of love, acceptance, and anti-bullying is now. I've started a Thunderclap for Losing Your Flames. You don't have to do anything other than lend your social weight. People care and the more they hear the message, the more acceptance gays will have in the community. Just take a short moment to support the link to our Thunderclap thus supporting Losing Your Flames. Thank you.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Vilifying Gay

In a recent article a few MM authors were vilified. I find it ridiculous that this old conversation is even taking place.  ZAMaxfield, Mary Calmes, Amy Lane, Anne Tenino, and Josephine Myles were quoted and when I say quoted, I use that term loosely, stating reasons why they write. Sadly, the statements the article's author used were twisted to paint these women in a negative light. This article is nothing more than yellow journalism meant to invalidate the MM genre.

Why invalidate the genre again?

The questions get tossed out time and time again, and I've had them tossed my way a few times. How dare a woman write MM? How can you write the sex? How can you begin to speak for men, much less gay men?

We are writers, purveyor of not only words, but also worlds. We create characters in our minds and either type them out on the computer or scrawl them across the pages. That's what we do. When men create female characters, do we need to question their motive, state that they are fetishizing women, blast them for having the gall to even think about speaking for women? Why do people continue to bash women who write male characters?

The women listed above put a shit-ton of research into creating their characters. How do they write mm? They use their brains to develop those characters. They ask questions, they research, they question their friends (yes, they have gay friends or family members who help them get things right), they observe human nature, and they agonize over characterization until they know their character inside and out. It is just plain insulting to continue to insist that women can't write male characters. But there is something more to this continual argument that seems to rile the genre up time and time again.

If women never wrote in the MM genre, their social impact would be lost. What does that mean? How many people have had their minds changed about gay men because they read MM stories? I know I've received letters not only from committed female Christians who were republicans, firmly in the "gay is a sin" camp, telling me that my books have changed their minds, but I've received letters from gay men, telling me that my books have given them hope to search for love. One of those men found love when he didn't think love was ever a possibility for a gay man. I've read stories on FB about women readers and authors who've changed the hearts and minds of their families because of the stories from the MM genre. These books matter.

Vilifying female authors of gay romance won't stop these women from writing in the genre. And it's true that some of the "male" authors in the genre are women hiding behind male names because of this argument. I'm passionate about creating a social climate where gay men and lesbians can hold hands in public like I do with my husband. I will write MM romance until my gay friends can sit at a restaurant in any city and have a romantic dinner without fearing the reaction of the other diners. I'm rabid in my desire to spread acceptance. The haters who continually return to the argument that women are fetishizing gay men, don't know how to write men, women shouldn't be writing, you're wrong and your afraid of change. The change is coming and it won't be stopped.

The readers and authors of MM are too smart to fall for your vilifying tactics over and over again. Trying to invalidate the genre is useless. We stand together, promoting acceptance and love, creating characters who are gay, not because of some perverted logic that you try to twist out of our words in a terrible article or force upon us in your suppositions, but because we are tired of our gay and lesbian friends and family members being outcasts.