Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Wishes and Love with Brody and James from Colorado Flames With a Texas Twist

Hello Everyone, I want to thank RJ Scott for hosting the Christmas Story extravaganza. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, Winter Solstice, or another holiday, I hope you enjoy this little Christmas scene with Brody and James from Colorado Flames With a Texas Twist. Make sure to enter the RaffleCopter a Rafflecopter giveaway

Brody watched the snow swirl outside as the wind howled, pushing the icy white stuff into piles beside the trees, leaving huge drifts. It looked just like a Colorado snowstorm, but this wasn’t Colorado, or the United States for that matter. The door opened and James stepped in, flakes following him, dropping to the floor and melting in seconds. The door swung closed, but not before the temperature in the room dropped. Brody didn’t mind the cold, all that mattered was having James back inside where he could kiss him again. He moved to his lover, bringing two towels, one to wipe up the damp spots on the floor, the other to dry James’s hair.

“Hey, babe, how does the wood look?”

“Good. We’ve got enough for this band of storms. Our food supply is good too. You hunting this fall really helped.” James took off his coat and extra sweater, revealing his trim waist and muscular shoulders.

It was weird to Brody, loving a man. He reached out to steady James as he toed off is boots. Their gazes locked, awareness spreading through Brody like warm honey.

“I like it here.” Brody said.

“It’s nice.”

“You still okay leaving the ranch?”

James shrugged. “I think we’ve found a good place. It’s been difficult, and a part of me will always be looking over my shoulder, but I’m happy to be with you. I miss the guys, but I think you miss the station, too. Am I right?”

“Yeah, I do miss the guys at the station.” Brody hadn’t said anything about missing anyone or the work. It was his fault that they were here, in Canada, living in the mountains in a cabin far away from others. He felt guilty.

“Hey, no long face. I may miss the guys, but I’d be broken if you’d left me. I can find happiness here—without you, I’d be a shell of a man.”


“Shh, no buts. We’re a couple, that means we belong together.”

Brody dipped his chin and James stepped close, his hands cold on Brody’s body as James drew him nearer. James’s icy nose skimmed his neck and he moaned. They fit so well in bed together that he wondered how he’d ever felt that sex with a woman was right. Now, months later, Brody had no doubts that he was made to be with a man.

“Merry Christmas, by the way,” James whispered.

Brody tilted his head to the side, allowing James better access. “Merry Christmas, love.”

“I got you something.”

“What?” Brody straightened, excitement zipping through him.

James chuckled and pulled Brody close, trapping his mouth in a scorching kiss. He was disappointed when James pulled back. Brody started complaining but James’s fingers on his lips stopped his bitching. They both chuckled.

“Come, sit down,” James said.

Brody allowed James to lead him to the chairs by the fireplace. They both sat, the warmth seeping through Brody. He glanced around, realizing that he really was happy. The adjustment had been tough in the beginning, but they’d figured out a way to live together, just the two of them, out here in this wilderness. They’d argued, some of the fights had been terrible, but they always resolved their differences, sometimes naked, other times with clothes on.

“I want you to understand that I really meant forever when I said I wanted to be with you.” James’s voice was serious, his gaze searching Brody’s.

He didn’t want James to have any doubts, so Brody cupped James’s jaw and smiled. “I meant forever too.”

“Then it shouldn’t be any surprise what my Christmas gift is for both of us.”

Brody’s eyes went wide as James pulled out a black box from the drawer in the table beside the couch. “Are those...?”

“Yes. I know we can’t really make it official like in government official since we don’t exist anymore, but I want you to be my husband.”

Brody smiled and held out his left hand. “I think it’s real—we’re real. No one has to tell us we’re married. I’ve been yours for a long time.”

James slid the ring onto Brody’s finger, his gaze still serious. “Will you put my ring on my finger?”

“Your ring?” Brody asked.

“Yes, in the table beside you. I put it there this morning.”

Brody opened the drawer and found a box that matched the one James still held. He opened the case and smiled down at the simple silver ring.

“I freaking love you, James Davenport. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Really?” James asked. “So us living up here all alone, you don’t mind?”

“No, you saved more than my life, you saved my heart. I never would have been happy living how I’d been living in Colorado. This is what I was meant to do.”

James cocked his head to the side. “Live in the middle of nowhere without a job?”

“No silly, love you. You’re my reason, my heart, my life.”

James’s lips turned up at the corners as Brody slid the ring onto his finger. Though they’d just crawled from their bed no more than an hour ago, James led Brody to the bedroom. They undressed, interrupted only by sweet kisses that turned to fierce claiming by James once they were both naked.

Holding each other, they fell to the bed and found a little piece of heaven. Together, they loved on each other in their house, nestled in a snow-covered valley that hid them from the dangerous world that wanted both of them dead.

Did you enjoy that? I hope you did. Yes, there will be more Colorado Heart stories to come. 

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