Saturday, June 27, 2015

To all young gay, oppressed teens

Because of what I write I get a lot of letters from young women and men about things that happened in their past. Jack and Andrew’s story in the A Southern Thing series touches their hearts because they’ve been there. Every week I get a new note from a kid or adult who has lived through the pain and the punishment inflicted on them because they are gay.

Marriage equality is wonderful, but if you’re a young man or woman living in an oppressive family that is against being gay you may only hear negativity and condemnation about the “gay lifestyle.” Know that your life doesn’t have to be defined by a narrow definition of what some people call marriage or “right living.”

God doesn’t hate gay people. So called Christians will tell you differently, but know that much of the bible is interpreted and written to show a bias against gays. Investigate on your own. A good place to star is here Also Matthew Vines is another good place to find information.

You can be a Christian and gay. There isn’t a discordance, and you aren’t going to hell for being gay. Your life will get better, really it will, if you open your heart and move forward you’ll see that there are possibilities out there for you that exceed what you can dream up with your imagination. Stay safe and don’t lose hope. People care about you and about your future.


Sara York

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RaineB10 said...

Thank you Sara for writing this. I am always really sad when people say that a as a Christian, being Gay, or indeed nothing other than heterosexual is wrong. I am a Christian myself (in the UK) and I believe that God made everyone as they are and he delights in all types of different people, gender and sexuality don't matter. I really wish that those of us who think that I had a bigger voice, but unfortunately we seem to be dominated by those whose views are (to me exceptional narrow minded and prefer to criticise rather than consider their own prejudices), I really hope that your work encourages those who are struggling for acceptance and recognition. Lorraine